Our therapist

Alison Wainscott

As a registered member of Massage Aotearoa New Zealand, AlViva’s founder, Alison Wainscott has achieved the highest levels of training, and has the skills, knowledge and qualifications needed to provide both therapeutic massage and neuromuscular treatment. Alison has a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage and a Diploma in Clinical Neuromuscular Therapy.

Massage therapy brings together her expertise in educational design, her passion for lifelong learning and her commitment to helping people to feel better on all levels — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

In addition to basing her practice on the latest research, Alison completes regular training to gain specialist expertise in areas that will directly benefit her diverse and growing client group.

She has a special interest in the affects of meditation and mindfulness on the brain and mental health, and the effects of the environment, lifestyle, thoughts and emotions on health. Calming the nervous system has been shown to be have benefits not only for how we feel but also how we move.
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