Our approach

AlViva was born in 2005 out of Alison Wainscott’s passionate desire to help people to enjoy greater vitality, energy and wellbeing.

As a fully qualified massage therapist, Alison’s practice is underpinned by an extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

DiagnosisThrough AlViva, she will provide you with high-quality therapy that is tailored to suit your unique needs and goals, and that helps you to re-connect with your physical self.

“As adults,” she explains, “we tend to live more in our heads than in our bodies — often focusing on the past or future, rather than simply experiencing and enjoying the present moment.”

Research has shown that our body stores the physical and emotional stresses we face over time, much in the same way as the rings within a tree trunk record the tree’s history.

Alison will help you to treat the symptoms and causes of this build-up, so that you can enjoy greater wellbeing, and a stronger connection with the world around you.

And because successful treatment is about more than just hands-on massage, Alison will also provide you with the information and exercises you need to extend the benefits of her service far-beyond the walls of her convenient city clinic.

Find out more about Alison’s qualifications and interests.