Client feedback

Feedback about AlViva’s “truly personalised service.”


It was KOM leader Joe Cooper (Mico Revolution Racing) who intitiated the shutting down of the day's break.

“As an elite level cyclist I do all I can to have myself in great condition for racing. By seeing Alison on a regular basis I’m able to use massage as part of my training and recovery programme. I walk out of AlViva feeling refreshed and back to 100%, and would recommend massage to any competitive or recreational athlete. It helps me to get the best out of my muscles, to avoid injury, and mentally it’s good to know that my body is ready to do the job. Money well spent! Thanks Alison, for keeping me at the top of my game.” 
— Joseph Cooper,

“As a triathlete, I’ve found AlViva’s therapeutic and restorative massage services to be very helpful. In addition to easing my strains and pains, Alison has a keen analytical ability when discussing training matters, and has been committed to helping me to achieve my sporting goals. She also has a friendly, helpful and professional manner and I have no hesitation in recommending her to others.”
— Warren

“I visited Alison for weekly massages as part of my preparation for Ironman New Zealand. I’d arrive at AlViva with tired, achy legs, after a huge week of training, and would leave feeling rejuvenated and relieved of my many knots and strains – which I believe prevented further injury. Alison was always very patient, and managed to fully accommodate my busy work and training schedule. She is a great massage therapist with a warm and friendly personality, and I would recommend her to any athlete.”

— Dawn

Serious illness

Participants on a residential Quest for Life programme for men and women living with cancer and their loved ones said:

  • “A very skilled massage therapist who tailor-made therapy to me.”
  • “Intuitive and professional.”
  • “Deeply nurturing and supportive.”
  • “A very warm and helpful person.”
  • “Skilfully assisted me in trying a new experience.”

Injuries or impaired mobility

“Alison really helped me to get mobile again after my knee replacement operation. Her massage treatments allowed me to achieve greater mobility, and they eased the pain I was in, so that I could stay motivated and push on. And as well as her physical skill in massage, I really appreciated her sensitivity, professionalism and tact. Thank you Alison.”
— Jenny

“After some heavy tree felling work over summer, I came down with a three-month bout of ‘chainsaw elbow’ that was painful enough to keep me awake at nights. Three or four sessions with Alison and some follow-up exercises helped to unravel all the ‘knots’, and the pain has completely gone! Thank you Alison – you have a true healer’s touch.”
— Richard


“Alison’s massage sessions have had a huge impact on my health and well-being. I am in awe of her knowledge of the body, ability to relieve my aches and pains, and the way she finds my aches and pains and then suits the massage to my needs. And the exercises she has given me have helped to keep my muscles more relaxed and flexible. Truly personalised service! I look forward to continuing our fortnightly sessions as the personal gains for me have been immense!”
— Lynne

“I’m an enthusiastic but irregular runner and thought I’d give AlViva a try because I often felt stiff and sore. I knew massage could make you feel relaxed but until I came across Alison I didn’t know it could also heal.”
— Judy

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